What Practical Solutions can do for you...

Upon calling Practical Solutions, you will realize that we are committed to providing a system that will meet your company's needs. We will discuss your requirements and how to address them. After the discussion, we will present our recommendations for your business' computer system. In addition, your company will have the option of either purchasing or leasing your system and the associated software. Practical Solutions will strive to give you maximum flexibility to allow for growth and change in today's business world.

Although the specific financing of the computer system or network will vary according to your company's needs, here are some options (just to name a few):

*A "turnkey" system (hardware and software) that may be either purchased or leased according to your needs.

*Purchase and Cost Flexibility-The software may be purchased while some or all of the hardware is leased. In addition, when it is desirable to minimize the immediate cash outlay, various other purchase options are suggested.

*Upgrades/Additions-Your present equipment and/or software can be used. This helps cut costs and financing may be arranged to service the balance of your needs.

When you are ready to use a computer to help your business attain your goals.

When you have hardware or software problems that impact your business.

When you may lose business opportunities because of your computer system's limitations.

If any of these apply to your business, CALL US!

To begin turning your business expectations into realities, call (516) 599-6600 or e-mail us at Info@pracsolinc.com . Remember, Practical Solutions is more than a name, It's our way of doing business.

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